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Email Marketing For New Plymouth & NZ Businesses

Have an email list gathering (metaphorical) dust? Lets chat about how can leverage users' that are already your advocates!

Why Email Is Beneficial For Your Business

Email is still one of the best performing channels in digital for both service-based, and eCommerce businesses. As the old saying goes – “it’s 10x cheaper to keep a customer, than to find a new one”. If you have an email list of people that have signed up to hear from you, they are the most primed, and most likely to follow through with a lead, or purchase.

Here at BlueFrog Digital, we can help you to leverage your email lists and build a truly world-class email program, without breaking the bank. 

Our end-to-end email service for New Plymouth & NZ Businesses

We offer end to end email campaign management services, ranging from content planning and copywriting right through to deployment. MailChimp is our tool of choice and in our opinion, is the most well-balanced marketing email tool on the market. Outsourcing email campaign production enables you to focus your time and energy on growing your business while our experienced team ensures delivery of high quality, top performing campaigns.

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We design and build beautiful and highly functional responsive email templates that are guaranteed to deliver a great experience for your audience. We design your emails and email templates to be adaptable as possible, meaning, if you ever wanted to have a crack at creating your email campaign yourself, the templates we can create for you is going to make that process easier. 

Custom Email Template Design And Creation

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(Some Of) Our Email Marketing Services

Email Campaign Production

End-to-end email strategy planning, creation and managed sends, plus, post-campaign reporting.

Template Design & Development

We can create generic templates for all uses, or something more customised for your email campaign.

Auto-responder Setup

We can setup automatic emails when people sign up, purchase a product, request a review and much more.

List Segmenting & Cleanup

Email lists can get pretty messy and complex. We can ensure your email list is clean, relevant and segmented.